ComfySleep Cervical Contoured Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Enjoy a full night's sleep with the ComfySleep™ Contoured Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow that is sure to bring you therapeutic relief. 

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead of you.

Our ergonomically designed pillow can be used by anyone who sleeps on their sides or back to keep your neck, head, and spine parallel and aligned. 

A good night sleep is what you need

At ComfySleep, our engineers have analysed the problem and have come up with a carefully designed memory foam pillow, which has doctor approved cervical support, to give you a perfect night's sleep. 

Three auxiliary curves

ComfySleep Pillows have three auxiliary curves, each carefully carved to serve very specific purposes. 

1. Cervical Traction Curve: supports easy breathing. An adequate supply of oxygen is necessary to your body during your sleep. The carefully designed contour helps free up the passageway which carries oxygen to your brain, such that you wake up fresh and well rested. 

2. Stable Sleeping Position Curve: A well designed pillow must support multiple sleeping positions, this curve ensures this. Our pillow is well suited for almost any type of sleepers. So weather you are a Log, or a Soldier, we got you covered. 

3. The Neck and Shoulder Joint Curve: This curve is designed to provide a comfortable support to the Neck and Shoulders. 

Slow Rebound Memory Foam

The lower the rebound force, better the pressure absorption effect. Good absorption of pressure can reduce the pressure on blood vessels, thereby improving the quality of sleep. 

Other features

A breakthrough in the traditional pillow design

At GetBodyPillow, we realized that the traditional pillow designs are exactly opposite to what a good design should be. In terms of geometry, a traditional pillow is designed to taper at the corners and be plump in the middle. This is the exact reason for the discomfort. A pillow should be inspired by the contours of the human head and neck. In order to provide the correct support, the dip should be in the middle and not on the sides. 



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